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OMI Industries is a leading developer of safe and effective industrial odor management solutions; while clearing the air in some of the worlds’ smelliest factories, processing plants and landfills, the company realized the same technology would have a place in the average household and the Fresh Wave® brand was created. Since the odor–fighting ingredients are made from plant oils and entirely natural, they are safe for people, pets and the environment. The range of odor neutralizing products includes a decorative and refillable crystal gel collection jar designed to trap odors along with crystal gel refills; various jars of crystal gel odor eliminator, natural odor eliminator spray designed for home and automotive use, natural odor eliminating laundry detergent, a stinky dorm room kit and more. Why use heavily perfumed room deodorizers which merely mask foul smells when you can eliminate odors naturally with Fresh Wave®.

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