Founded in 1991, privately–held, Tennessee–based PetSafe® is the largest manufacturer of electronic pet–training products in the United States; devoted to safe pets and happy owners, the company is dedicated to investing in the most innovative research and producing the most advanced designs available. The company markets pet products under a variety of trusted brands. The ScoopFree® line of self–cleaning litter boxes with disposable trays give your cat or kitten a litter box that is always clean and give you a home that smells fresh. No scooping is required because the litter boxes do the work for you. The product line includes the specially designed Premium Blue™ silica crystal filled disposable litter trays that absorb moisture and dehydrate solids for odor control; anti–tracking carpet and a variety of sizes of self–cleaning litter boxes and lids. Load it, leave it, toss it and love it.