In 1706 Thomas Twining opened Twinings® of London, Britain’s first known tea room which is still in operation to this day; the firm’s logo was created in 1787 and is the world’s oldest in continuous use. Ten generations of Twinings have taught the world what there is to know about good quality tea; holder of a royal warrant, the legendary brand is owned by British Associated Foods. The English tea marketer sells a variety of regional and flavored teas as well as infusions, coffee and hot chocolate and is closely associated with Earl Grey tea. The company offers premium quality teas in a variety of formats including Keurig® K-Cups® for single serve brewing systems and T Discs for the Tassimo™ beverage system. Single serve brewer compatible tea flavors and blends include regular and decaffeinated English breakfast black tea, Pure Peppermint caffeine free herbal tea, Chai black tea, Chai tea latte and more.