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Spring is in the air— Refresh your home with some old fashion spring cleaning! It’s time to stow away your winter gear, look around to see what’s new, and prepare your home for the warm weather. Bathrooms are a great place to start and so easy to update with modern bath products — It’s amazing what a new shower curtain or set of bath towels can do to transform a mundane bathroom. Put away the heavy blankets and switch to new spring bedding suitable for the warmer weather — a great set of floral sheets or a lightweight comforter can make a world of difference. Spring cleaning is your opportunity to refresh the look of your home in large and small ways — Create a new look in any room by rearranging furniture, adding beautiful accent pieces and throwing colorful toss pillows on your chairs and sofas. Get your home ready for spring with trendy new pieces that are bound to create a new and stylish home d꤯r.

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