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Setting your thermostat back by even one or two degrees can save energy and reduce utility bills, especially when you don’t use every room in your home. An electric space heater is a smart way to stay warm and comfortable; there are many types of electric heaters and each is suited for a specific purpose. A convection heater is designed to heat a room slowly and silently; it is good for use in a bedroom. A ceramic heater is a small, yet powerful convection heater that heats up to high temperatures and uses a fan to distribute warm air — it is good for use in an office or den. A radiant heater is used for spot heating directly where the warmth is needed and is effective in small spaces. An infrared heater uses light to produce heat; many feature quartz and heat your home without reducing oxygen or humidity. A bathroom heater will shut off if the heater is exposed to water. Add warmth and style to any space with an electric fireplace or electric stove and enhance the look of your home with stylish fireplace mantels.

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