Helpful Hints

As a first time user, logging into the bridal toolkit can seem a bit overwhelming! We’ve built a state-of-the-art application to assist you with your wedding planning needs. To do so, we had to make it powerful, yet flexible enough to be customized to each of our bride’s unique needs. Here are some helpful hints to get you started. "Happy Tool-Kitting!"

  1. PLAY AND HAVE FUN. Sounds simple! We encourage you to explore the application first in its entirety (click the links at the upper right hand portion of the pages to move between the Timeline, Task Manager and Personal Wedding Site). Press buttons and change things! You can always undo your changes. We hope we give you a few "ah-hah!" moments the first time you see the Bridal Toolkit.

  2. SAVE OFTEN. Just like all those other programs you use, save your changes often! It’s easy to get carried away, especially when you are using the Personal Wedding Site functionality. Make sure you save your changes on a regular basis! It will prevent hours of work from being lost.

  3. TIMELINE VIEW. You will log into this first when you click on the Bridal Planner link on the Bridal Toolkit homepage. It may seem a little overwhelming the first time - the timeline with little boxes, content, zoom in and out buttons - but remember, this is meant to be your quick overview of what tasks are coming up and how important they are. To change the information underlying the Timeline you’ll need to click the Manage My Tasks button.

  4. TASK MANAGER. This is the heart of the bridal planner! Here you can see all of the 200 or so pre-populated tasks based on a typical 12 month engagement period. So what if you aren’t planning on being engaged for one year? Easy solution! Start by printing all the tasks and reviewing them on paper. Decide which tasks you want to delete, and which ones you want to keep. While you are doing this you might want to also decide on the priority of a task: Low, Medium or Top, and the due date. Then, go back into the Bridal Toolkit and update the Task Manager based on your changes (e.g. add new tasks with your own information and delete the default tasks that do not apply to your event.) And don’t forget to SAVE YOUR CHANGES (this might take a moment or two).

    You’ve now customized the Task Manager! If you click on the Timeline you’ll see if reflects your changes as well. If something changes (an appointment for instance), simply log into your Task Manager and update the information.

  5. PERSONAL WEB SITE. The first page you’ll see is the administration page (similar to a site map for a normal web site). To edit any of the sections, roll your mouse over the main page image (e.g. The Groom, The Bride, etc.) and LEFT CLICK your mouse. You’ll see an option to publish or edit. Clicking on "edit" will allow you to customize your Personal Wedding Site’s colors, fonts and text. Clicking on "publish" will make the page viewable to your guests. You must publish your Welcome page to make your site available for viewing.

    Uploading images: Each page on the Personal Wedding Site can contain an image for your choosing. There are two images to each template - one is called the Main Image which sits at the upper-right hand corner of the page (we recommend a great couple shot for this area!), and remains static throughout each page. The other is called the Left Side image, which can change for each page if you’d like. In total you can upload ten images approximating one megabyte in total space.

    To upload an image you first might have to crop and resize it. Resizing an image to the recommended sizes will allow it to be uploaded without distortion or stretching (you can resize a digital photograph using an image editing package such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop). If you upload an image and it appears to look squished or distorted, try resizing it again (you also might want to crop an image to make it easier to resize).

    Image Specifications:

    Main Image - 189Wx142H

    Left Image - 320Wx240H

    We hope these helpful hints make using the Bridal Toolkit easier and more enjoyable! Be sure to drop us a line at to let us know if we missed something or if you have advice to give to first time users - we’ll update these pages based on the feedback we receive.

    -The Bed Bath & Beyond Bridal Team

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