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Packing Compression Bags

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Samsonite® 12-Pack Travel Compression Bag Kit
  • 3 out of 5 stars
    2 Reviews
  • Colors: Clear
  • Sizes: 12 pack
  • Categories:
    • More > Luggage > Travel Accessories
    • Travel Accessories > Travel Accessories
  • Samsonite's Travel Compression Bag Kit offers a wide variety of sizes for all your travel needs. Keep possessions in airtight, secure bags that protect from odors, water, and dirt. Extra thick designs feature double security zippers and easy-seal sliders.
Woolite 3 Piece Air-Tight Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags Multi-Pack
  • Brand: Woolite
  • Colors: Clear
  • Sizes: Jumbo, large
  • Categories:
    • Storage & Cleaning > Closet Storage > Clothing Storage
  • Protect your clothes against water damage, dirt and dust, odors, mildew and insects. The compression bags are airtight and watertight. Organize your clothes, for example by family member, outfit, activity, and more high quality and reusable.
Ziploc® Space Bag® 2-Pack Vacuum Seal Hanging Bag
$14.99 Was: $19.99
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars
    24 Reviews
  • Brand: Ziploc Space Bag
  • Colors: Clear
  • Sizes: 2 piece
  • Categories:
    • Storage & Cleaning > Closet Storage > Clothing Storage
    • Moving Supplies
  • Maximize precious closet space with Ziploc Space Bag Hanging Bags. These durable suit-size bags allow you to protect, organize, and compress your clothing so you can triple the amount of storage. Simply vacuum out the air to compress up to 10 garments.
Lewis N. Clark® DryGear 40-Inch Rucksack in Blue
  • Brand: Lewis N. Clark
  • Colors: Blue
  • Sizes: 40"
  • Categories:
    • More > Luggage > Duffle Bags
    • Duffle Bags > Duffle Bags
  • Designed to accommodate even the most minimalist of travelers, the DryGear Rucksack is a super lightweight and compact travel bag. Durable and versatile, the PVC pack rolls for a watertight seal and can be used as a backpack or duffle.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products