get your guest room ready for anything
Cleaning & Organizing

get your guest room ready for anything

it’s quick and easy to create a clean and cozy haven.

This year may be about distancing, but people are also coming together in unexpected ways. Maybe a loved one needs to quarantine. Or a just-launched child is moving back home for a while. Or your best friend needs a place to crash temporarily—with her two kids and their hamsters. With a few quick adjustments, you can reinvent your extra room as a chill productivity zone, quarantine hideaway, cozy refuge, or all of the above.

get in-law level clean, fast!

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Imagine your in-laws are arriving. Or someone in your life who’s a little judgy. The adrenaline will help you move fast. First priority: find new places to stash the clutter. Stow nonessentials in tidy bins that fit in the closet, under the bed, or the basement. Then dust, vacuum, and wipe down every surface—floors, rugs, baseboards, walls, drapes, and windows. Phew!

check the bed

Is it time to replace those daisy sheets with something more grownup? Nothing says “I’m glad you’re here” more than high-quality linens and towels and a few alternate pillow choices stashed in the closet. A neatly stacked pile of pretty blankets and throws is another thoughtful touch. Extra credit: Test the bed. If it’s not comfortable, but you’re not ready to (box)spring for a new mattress, try a mattress topper as a budget-friendly alternative.

add environmental controls

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Make sure your room allows for ventilation by checking to make sure the windows open and the screens are properly fitted. Allow guests to control the temperature with a compact space heater and fans.

safety is key

Making a supply of clean face masks, latex gloves, travel-size hand sanitizers and wipes available is a thoughtful gesture. A stash of extra cleaning supplies in the closet will be reassuring to some guests, who might also appreciate an air purifier.

give ‘em space

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An empty dresser will help your guest unpack and get comfortable. Storage ottomans work, too, and they double as extra seating. If they’re staying for a while, guests will likely also appreciate a laundry hamper and extra hangers, too. Another easy and thoughtful touch: hotel-size toiletries, a robe, and slippers.

bring on the perks

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Set up an instant caffeine corner with a one-mug coffee maker or an electric kettle and plenty of ground coffee and tea bags. Your guests can start their day in bed. A mini fridge stocked with snacks and drinks makes holing up feel less like quarantine and more like a getaway.

add a screen

Whether they are quarantining, on a different sleep schedule from the rest of the house, or craving time alone, your guests will be grateful to have their own TV and stereo speaker. They come in all sizes, and you should be able to find one that suits your space and budget. An alarm clock with a white noise feature is another gracious touch—your guests may wonder how they ever lived without one.

plug in

Do a quick outlet check—are there enough? A new surge protector/power strip/charging station can juice up multiple devices. Pro tip: put your wi-fi router name and password on a card on the bedside table.

make it work

Chances are, whoever will be staying in the guest room will need a place to set up their computer. Give your guest lots of work-from-home options with a desk, lamp and adjustable Zoom-ready tablet stand.

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