How to Throw the Ultimate End of Summer Bash

How to Throw the Ultimate End of Summer Bash

Send off summer in style with one last soirée.

Without a doubt, the worst thing about summer is that it has to end. And that time always comes around much sooner than we’d like it to. No need to despair! There’s plenty of time for one last party before Labor Day hits, school starts, and the countdown to next summer begins.

Here’s how to give everyone’s favorite season a proper farewell.

Use What You’ve Got

The end of summer is not the time to buy a bunch of new summer decor (unless you’re already prepping for next summer, which, no judgment from us). If you don’t have endless space to store decor and party supplies, now is the time to use all of those things you purchased but are still on your shelves. Try not to worry too much about mixing and matching. A few American flag plates from Fourth of July mixed with a few colorful ones from that barbecue way back in June, combined with some floral decor from the bridal shower you hosted, won’t hurt anybody. Plus, it kind of goes with the theme of wrapping up the season!

Accept Assistance

If you’re hosting a party, people are going to ask you what they can bring. Before you say something like, “Just bring yourself!” think about what you need for the party … and ask guests if they have anything they’d like to get off their hands. Chances are you’re not the only one thinking about the end of the season, and they’ll have something to contribute. That could mean a few extra bottles of rosé they never got around to drinking (and would be happy to share!) or extra party supplies that you can add to your own.

Hosting a potluck is also a great way to take some of the pressure off of yourself and get everyone involved. Ask everyone to bring a dish they planned to make this summer but never got around to. That’s a win for everyone!

Keep it Simple

Try not to overwhelm yourself. Focus on a few things and do them right. Chips and guac isn’t the most innovative hors d'oeuvre out there, but there’s a reason you see it over and over again: it’s really, really good. And everyone will be appreciative of one last hamburger or hot dog before the end of the season.

For drinks, chill some summer beers, wine, and soft drinks in a beverage tub. Make one big-batch cocktail instead of ten smaller ones, pour it into a beverage dispenser, and let guests help themselves!

Focus on In-Season Produce

Focus on foods that are in-season. The main reasons to do this are as follows: It’s better for the environment (in-season food doesn't have to travel as far to get to you), it’s healthy, and, duh, it’s more delicious. A summer tomato salad beats a winter one any day, and don’t even get us started on late-summer corn.

Clean Up

Any fête involves a fair amount of cleanup, and we’re going to let you in on a little secret: A deep clean isn’t all that different (in terms of time and effort) from a superficial one. If you’re done with your grill or outdoor furniture for the season, take the extra steps to give them a proper clean and cover them now while you’re already in cleaning mode. Next-summer-you will thank this-summer-you, trust us.

See ya, summer!