Room to Love: A Rock ‘n Roll Room Transformation
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Room to Love: A Rock ‘n Roll Room Transformation

We recently chatted with Christian Holt, a repeat Decorist client from Redwood, Calif., about his most recent room transformation: elevating a bachelor pad bedroom into a sophisticated sanctuary. With the help of his Decorist designer they decided on a rock ‘n roll-themed bedroom to showcase his collection of memorabilia, while integrating a more refined sense of style.

Here’s what Christian had to say about the design process.

Q: How did you find out about Decorist?

Christian: My best friend is an interior designer and she highly recommended the site as a way to get hands-on attention straight from my computer.  

Q: What made you decide to use Decorist?

Christian: My friend knew I wanted to make some changes without spending a lot of money, and recommended Decorist.

Q: Did you have plans to decorate your apartment before or after your move?

Christian: I originally wanted to start making changes before I moved in, however the timing just never worked out. But I’m actually moving again and I have decided to use Decorist for a second time—this time before I move in.

Q: What did you want to change about your room’s style when you initially came to Decorist?

Christian: I wanted my place to be more mature instead of the bachelor pad I’ve had for a while now.

Q: From beginning to end, how did the Decorist process work?

Christian: First, I gave the designer suggested ideas and photos of my place. The designer provided more ideas, and then we made selections based on both our feedback. This all happened online, without having anyone in person to see me through the process, and it turned out great.

Q: How did you acquire the materials needed for this project. Did the designer send them to you? Did they just send you a list? Did you purchase them yourself?

Christian: The stylist sent a curated list and I bought all the items I felt would make the biggest impact. Once everything was delivered I set them up in my new space.

Q: Out of this experience, what did you learn from your designer that was the most insightful?

Christian: Having a professional opinion in my corner helped me understand all the things I didn’t know about design. That’s why I have decided to work with Decorist again for a second time in my new apartment.

Q: What has been your favorite part of this experience?

Christian: Seeing the designs emerge from just an explanation was really big for me. It was great to see what the stylist imagined come to life.

Q: What made you gravitate toward the rock ’n roll style?

Christian: Seeing the artwork mixed with the greenery from the plants and the bookshelves really made it feel like an adult space that I knew I wanted to live in.


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