How We Holiday

Thanksgiving Countdown Cheatsheet

The biggest, most memorable meal of the year is almost upon us. These are our favorite foods, tools, and stay-sane tips (including traveling with children!) to get you all to the table in one happy piece.

The Final Countdown
In the case of Thanksgiving, the early bird gets done on time. Start your plan three weeks out, then use our weekly checklists to stay on track each week until the big day. Baby steps! You will be surprised how much easier Thanksgiving week is when you’ve done the prep in manageable chunks.

Turkey Day Tips: Prep for Thanksgiving 3 Weeks Out

Turkey Day Tips: Prep for Thanksgiving 2 Weeks Out

Turkey Day Tips: Prep for Thanksgiving 1 Week Out

9 Thanksgiving Turkey Myths and Facts
Read this eye-opening primer before you start planning, and save yourself some heartache (and bellyaches, too!).

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Set a Thanksgiving Table to Remember
Everyone has their holiday table staples, and then there are the gaps to fill from year to year. Don’t forget to refresh the simple, elegant table elements that add a special touch for guests.

The Elements of Table Style
All the basics you need for a perfect feast.

Thanksgiving Table Linens
Do you like to keep it simple or break from tradition? Our top picks have your table covered.

Starter Pack: Serveware
Take inventory of your cheese boards and knives, platters, pitchers, and more in advance of the big day, then supplement what you need.

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Go-To Guide: Wreaths
Set the tone for your celebratory gathering by adorning your door with a brightly hued seasonal wreath.

Company Is Coming
The good news: You can tidy your home well ahead of your guests’ arrival, and it doesn’t have to be hard (or time-consuming).

How to Clean Your Home for Company in 23 Minutes

How to Host Thanksgiving in a Small Space

6 Areas to Clean before Guests Arrive to Give the Impression of a Spotless Home

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Thanksgiving Kitchen Hacks
Whether you’re an ace at executing large meals or struggling with the special requests, these organizing and cooking tips will set you up for success.

Get Your Kitchen Organized for the Holidays

Starter Pack: Roasting 101

Toaster Oven Hacks

4 Amazing Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren’t Pie

20 Fantastic Thanksgiving Side Dishes 

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Travel Tips
Whether you’re on the road or hosting visitors for Thanksgiving, we have all the extras you need to make your holiday trip special (and even fun).

How to Create the Perfect Guest Room for Holiday Visitors

Expert Picks: How to Take a Holiday Trip with Kids

Taking It To Go in Style: Tips for Traveling with Food

We wish you the very best Thanksgiving, and lots of leftovers, too!