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6 amazing and affordable ways to bring the outdoors in

how to create a chic jungle right inside your own living space

Whether you’re looking to style your shelves, zhuzh your coffee table, or bring life to an empty corner, plants are always, without fail, our favorite solution. And this season, we’re excited to work nature into our home decor in an even bigger way, from blanketing our walls and ceilings in greenery to adding layers of jungle patterns to every room!

create a hanging garden

We love the idea of filling a ceiling with hanging plants in various shapes and sizes. You can start small in a bathroom or go big in the kitchen or living room. All you need are a few sturdy ceiling hooks – then it’s time to collect your hanging planters. Try a monochromatic look with modern white and metallic designs or mix it up with an assortment of styles.

design a plant wall

Framed art is always a good idea, but creating a plant wall? Total showstopper! There are so many wonderful wall planters to choose from, each designed with a back hook for easy hanging. Another ingenious idea is a vertical garden planter — the perfect way to display your ever-growing collection.

enliven your living space with nature-inspired throw pillows

Pattern mixing is a fun, fresh, and affordable way to enhance your living space, and it’s especially easy to do with throw pillows. First choose your color palette (lively greens or earthy neutrals are always lovely) and from there anything goes, from flowers and leaves to vines and tropical motifs.

turn your bathroom into a cool greenhouse

Bringing new “life” to a bathroom is simple with just a few style swaps. Try placing a potted plant (real or faux) on a windowsill or shelf, or switch up your decor with a fresh shower curtain and towels. A vibrant jungle pattern looks fun and welcoming, while a softer floral style feels calm and relaxing.

layer your bed with flora prints

For those who have watched The White Lotus, you may recall how a hotel suite styled in tropical patterns can look extremely chic. It’s easy to channel that same vibe with bedding in lush palm prints and pops of brights. Or take it down a notch with layers of muted botanicals for a warm and dreamy effect.

discover easy style with faux plants

Our artificial plants look so lifelike, there’s really only one way to tell that they’re faux: they never die! Choose from grass varieties in modern cement pots, elegant boxwood topiaries, and tall tropical styles for a dramatic appeal. Try creating an elegant centerpiece with a trio of small plants, or make a singular statement with a towering Ficus in a handsome basket.