6 dorm bedding essentials

dorm bedding essentials you need to get a good night's sleep in college.

It's tough deciding what's essential and what you can leave behind when you're packing for college. However, quality bedding is always a must-have for dorm rooms. Whether you're just a short drive from home or hours away, you need some good sheets, pillows, and blankets to remind you of the comforts of home. You can show off your personality through different designs, too. As you start packing, snag these college dorm bedding essentials that every student needs.

1. twin XL sheets

The number of sheets that you need for college depends on how often you want to do laundry. If you plan on washing your bedding every week, you only need two sets. You may need more sets if you want to spend less time in the laundry room. Dorm room beds are twin XL size, which means that standard sheets won't fit. You need twin XL bedding that is slightly longer. Look for twin XL bedding in prints or patterns that work together to mix and match your flat and fitted sheets.

2. stylish comforter

Even if you attend college in a warm region, you need a cozy comforter for your bed. This college dorm essential will help you avoid the chill on cold days or when your roommate wants to amp up the AC. The best comforter is lightweight so that it's easy to drag back and forth from home to school. While a twin XL size is suitable for most dorm beds, you may want to choose a double or full size. The excess fabric is great to wrap around you while you watch Netflix or work on an upcoming paper.

3. mattress topper

You may not realize how many people used your dorm bed until the first night you try to fall asleep in it. Dorms are similar to hotels in that they often keep beds for years before they upgrade them. The right mattress topper makes a lumpy or hard bed feel just as comfy as your bed at home. Not only can you choose one that fits your twin XL bed, but you can choose the thickness that you want, too. A few extra inches of padding may make you feel like you're sleeping on a fluffy cloud.

4. bed pillows

Most dorm rooms only come with a few essentials, such as a bed and a desk. Your school asks that you bring anything else you need. Unless you like sleeping flat on your mattress, make sure to pack pillows. You might like a soft pillow that feels like a giant marshmallow, or a firmer pillow, especially if you sleep on your side. Depending on how you sleep, you may even want to bring multiple pillows. There are quite a few pillows that use soft materials inside as well as those that use memory foam. Down and down alternative pillows are also available.

5. backrest pillow

Backrest pillows are one of those college dorm essentials that students don't think they need until they get to school. Your standard pillows probably won't offer the padding that you need when sitting in bed watching TV or working on your laptop. A backrest pillow has more padding on the back plus two arms that act as extra rests. You'll even find some that come with built-in speakers that work with your phone.

6. throw blankets

When you run down the hall to the bathroom or hang out with friends in the TV room, you may need something quick and easy to keep you warm. Throw blankets are perfect because they're smaller than comforters and can act like a robe. Simply toss one over your shoulders and head to wherever you want to go. You can throw one over your lap or wrap one around your body when you feel chilly. These blankets come in cozy fabrics like sherpa and microfleece, and you can choose from solid colors or patterns like stripes or florals.

7. mattress protector

As you shop for college bedding, think about whether you want a mattress protector. It can give some peace of mind because you don't know who used your college mattress before you did. Mattress protectors come in twin XL bedding sizes and wrap around your entire mattress. While they don't add extra padding, they do keep your body from coming into contact with the mattress.

Who says you need a long packing list to get ready for college? Thanks to these college dorm essentials, you'll have all the bedding you need to stay warm and comfy.