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Bedroom Closet Makeover: The Express Edition

Need to restore order to your closet, stat? Here’s how to whip your wardrobe into shape, so you can find what you need and get on with your day—fast.

If opening your closet to get dressed in the morning has begun to feel like an episode of Queer Eye, it’s time for a mini closet makeover. Don’t worry: You won’t have to dedicate an entire weekend to this project. This is the quick-and-dirty (um… clean?) version of a closet cleanout. You’ll be reorganizing and maximizing storage, not doing a top-to-bottom sorting and cleaning job. So, let’s get started, using the BB&B Method: Banish, Bundle, and Be Tidy.

Banish anything you know you never wear. Don’t try everything on (save that for spring cleaning), just pull out items that haven’t seen the outside of your closet for a few years. If you’re working on your child’s closet, remove anything you know they’ve outgrown.

NYC-based organizer Lisa Zaslow suggests placing a shopping bag on the bottom of every closet. When you come across an item you no longer have in rotation or that no longer fits, put it in the bag. Transfer too-small kids’ clothing to a lidded plastic bin if you plan to use it as a hand-me-down someday.

Curver® Latch Mates Storage Containers with Lids are stackable for easy storage and have clear sides, allowing you to see the clothing you’re storing without opening the secure latched lid.

If your closet is bursting at the seams, move some out-of-season pieces elsewhere—to the attic or a storage unit, for example. Storage bags like the Real Simple® 2-Pack Garment Storage Bag make it easy to keep clothes dry and pest and dust-free until you need them.

Consider relocating lesser-worn items as well. Special occasion-only clothing, for example, is a good candidate for under-bed storage in zippered bags like the Studio 3B™ Underbed Storage Bag in Grey (Set of 2).

Bundle your clothing by grouping like items together. Rearrange hanging clothing to create a section for dresses, another for skirts, pants, denim, blouses, jackets, and so on. Feeling ambitious? Organize each section by color, so if you know you want a white blouse, the three you own will be right there together. Once your clothes are in the right order, address your crowding problem by replacing your current hangers with space-saving styles.

Studio 3B™ 16-count Slim Grips™ Hangers have an innovative slim profile, meaning they’ll take up less space in your closet. Non-slip padding helps keep clothing in place.

Tiered hangers like the SALT™ 4-Tier Skirt Hanger allow you to store several items on a single hanger—a lifesaver in a cramped closet.

If drawer and shelf space is at a premium, consider adding a hanging shelf system, like the Arrow Weave 6-Shelf Sweater Organizer in Grey. Just hang it in place and fill up the shelves with anything from sweaters to shoes.

Be tidy—now, and later, by stocking your shelves with organizing accessories that will help keep your clothing neat and easy to find. Open bins and boxes are a great addition to closet shelves. Use them to store anything doesn’t naturally stay in a neat stack (sweaters, t-shirts, handbags, baseball hats, etc.) Look for slide-out plastic or wood drawer sets that can hold shoes, clutches, scarves, etc. And if you have room, consider adding a freestanding cubby unit for still more storage.

A sturdy yet decorative fabric-covered tote like this one creates versatile storage solutions in any closet. An open top makes it easy to see what’s stored inside, and stylish handles allow you to easily move the tote around from shelf to shelf. Available in three sizes.

Plastic bins can be practical and pretty closet organizers, too. These plastic storage bins come in six colors and four sizes to fit a wide range of closet items.

Cubby units with collapsible storage bins add storage in larger closets—or you can just use the bins as free-standing collect-alls. The ORG 6- and 9-Cube Organizer and Collapsible Bin Collection can be used together or separately, saving space while decluttering.