dorm cleaning supplies every college student should have

what cleaning supplies should you bring to college?

When you're packing for college, don't forget to stock up on cleaning supplies. The right dorm cleaning supplies can be just as essential as your textbooks and clothes. To make sure you don't forget anything important, follow our cleaning products list to prepare for school.

cleaning supplies

The first thing to do when shopping for cleaning supplies for a dorm is to make a list of the basics. You'll need some everyday cleaners such as bleach or an all-purpose spray. Depending on your dorm, you might also want some specialized cleaners like glass cleaner or countertop cleaner.

Next, make sure you have some sponges. A few microfiber cloths are another helpful tool for dealing with general grime. You can also get disposable wipes soaked in a sanitizing solution which can be a quick way of removing messes. And, of course, a toilet brush is an essential part of shopping for dorm bathroom cleaning supplies.


A common question that new college students ask is, "should you bring a vacuum to your dorm?" In most cases, this is a good idea. A vacuum can clean many surfaces a broom can't, such as carpet, couches, and curtains.

If finding room for your vacuum is a big concern, we're here to help. Bed Bath & Beyond has a nice selection of petite vacuums that will easily fit into your dorm room storage. When shopping for a dorm vacuum, consider slim stick vacuums or upright vacuums. Another option is a handheld vacuum. These can be great for cleaning up small messes.

brooms and mops

If your dorm doesn't have carpet, brooms are an essential type of dorm cleaning tool. They're great for cleaning up dirt, crumbs, and other debris on the floor. Furthermore, brooms tend to be lightweight and affordable, so they're a tool any college student can get.

Mops help to give your dorm more of a deep clean. They scrub away stains and dried gunk, so you can use them for things like mud. When looking for a mop for a dorm, consider a mop with a built-in cleaning canister or cleaning pad. These hold the cleaning solution for you, so you don't have to use a bucket as you mop.

trash cans

Having a few good trash cans will keep clutter from building up. In addition to organizing your dorm, they also help you cut back on ants, roaches, and other critters.

At the very least, you need one medium or large trash can in a central spot. Make sure it has a lid to reduce odors. Depending on your lifestyle, you might also want a smaller can near a couch or desk. Finally, make sure you have a trash can in your bathroom to handle tissues and other waste products.

laundry care

When you're busy cleaning your dorm, you'll also need to clean your clothes and bedding. The right laundry supplies should clean your clothes without damaging them or stripping away their color.

The exact cleaning products list will vary depending on the types of clothes you have. Most students at least need some detergent and a laundry hamper. You might also want fabric softeners, bleach, and stain removers. If you have delicates, wash bags can protect them in the washing machine.

odor eliminators

When you have guests visit your dorm, they won't notice the random clutter you have shoved under the bed. However, they will notice any weird smells. Controlling odors is an essential part of keeping your dorm clean. When your dorm smells fresh and clean, people will assume it's well-maintained.

If your main issue is humidity causing musty smells, try a moisture absorber. For the bathroom, you can get toilet sprays that block unpleasant scents. And if you're just dealing with general weird smells, consider all-purpose gel odor eliminators.

dish soap and hand soap

Don't forget to get soap when you're shopping for college apartment cleaning supplies. This will make it easier for you and your belongings to stay clean. You don't typically need a hundred different types of soap. Instead, two basic styles will be enough to manage basic household cleaning.

Start with a good kitchen detergent. Dish soap is great for cleaning your dishes, but it also works in other situations. Since dish soap strips away grease, you can use it to clean stainless steel and other parts of your dorm. You should also get some hand soap. This is a little milder than kitchen soap, so it won't leave your hands dry and cracked.

By following our college dorm cleaning checklist, you can be prepared for every spilled drink, weird smell, or scattered bag of chips. When you're properly prepared for basic cleaning, you can enjoy a more comfortable, appealing dorm room.