influencer Amanda Asad shares her wedding registry tips

find out why she and her fiancé love our registry

Time has been going by SO fast! I can’t believe we’ve got less than two months before we move into our new house. Mohammed and I have been long distance for four years now, so we are starting from scratch when it comes to buying items together. We knew we needed to register somewhere that we could get items for every room in our house at the best possible price, which is why we were so thrilled to team up with Bed Bath & Beyond.

Now that our registry is complete, we’re excited to share 5 tips and essential tools we recommend all couples utilize when creating their own wedding registry.

1. ensure you are getting the best deals with price match promise

Building your future home requires a ton of new products, which as you will find out, can really start to add up. One of our favorite perks we used while registering was Price Match Promise. If we found an item we wanted on sale or at a lower cost at another retailer, Bed Bath & Beyond simply matched the price for us. With all the wedding planning craziness, and especially in this current market, having this peace of mind was huge to us and we loved knowing we were always getting the best prices.

2. 365-day returns and exchanges on all items will give you ordering freedom

Planning your forever home is exciting and Mohammed and I added absolutely everything from our necessities to our wants on our registry for it. That being said, I know we won’t truly find out what we do or don’t need until we move in together in a few months! This is why we’re so happy Bed Bath & Beyond offers 365-day returns and exchanges. With this, engaged couples can add as many products as they want with the comfort of knowing that they can easily return them at a later time, if needed. As these are products we will be using for years to come, having plenty of time to decide is huge to us.

3. give gift-givers their own gift: free shipping over $39

When it came down to setting up our registry, we wanted to make sure it would be a positive experience for not only us, but also our friends and family. It was important for us to register somewhere where buying and sending gifts was as easy and affordable as possible which was why we loved Bed Bath & Beyond’s offer for free shipping on all products over $39. The majority of the items on our registry are over that amount, so we were thrilled that people in our life could send us all of our favorite registry wishlist items at no additional cost!

4. register somewhere with an easy-to-use mobile app + interactive checklist

Even if you create your registry on your laptop, you will want to have access to it on your phone to ensure you can manage and add to it from anywhere. Mohammed and I wanted to go look at products in-store firsthand, and we were blown away by how convenient and easy the Bed Bath & Beyond app was to use on-the-go. Once Mohammed and I arrived, the app’s in-store mode feature picked up what location we were in and allowed us to just scan and add items directly to our registry. There’s also a super helpful interactive checklist that lists all of the items you need for every room in your house, so you don’t forget to add anything.

5. group gifting allows you to register for higher-budget items, guilt-free!

It is only natural that there will be a few higher-priced items you will want, or need, for your future home. Luckily, Bed Bath & Beyond offered group gifting on items $250 or more, so our friends and family could pitch in on them together. We were able to get everything we wanted this way and our loved ones were able to put in what they were comfortable with! Also, Bed Bath & Beyond has a new Welcome RewardsTM program that gives you $150 when $1,500 is purchased off your registry. We were able to surpass that and qualify for the offer with these larger priced registry items!

We feel so lucky to have had such an amazing registry experience and hope you all do as well with the above tips and perks!

Oh, and if you’re crazy like us and decided to plan a wedding and buy a house at the same time, you will need to check out Loverly’s wedding inspiration and planning tools to help ease the load. Bed Bath & Beyond recently partnered with Loverly to help newly engaged couples by offering inspiration boards, wedding planning tools, style quizzes and more. You can also get great recommendations on products to add to your registry with the Loverly shoppable registry guides!