the most unforgettable wedding gifts for newlyweds

luggage for adventures, display-ready personalized décor, and other unforgettable gifts for newlyweds that leave a lasting impact.

On average, about 2.5 million weddings take place annually in the United States. That figure includes everything from blowout celebrations with hundreds of guests to smaller nuptials and even elopements. No matter the size of the wedding, all newlyweds deserve wonderful gifts to commemorate their love.

However, finding the perfect gift can be a real source of stress for friends and family, even if the couple created the ultimate wedding registry. Sure, you can go with the classics like dinnerware and kitchen appliances. But there's a good chance that most of the guests already have those covered.

Instead of settling for the ordinary, why not think outside the box? There are plenty of gifts for newlyweds that keep on giving for years to come. Here are some unique ideas for wedding gifts that the happy couple won't forget.

1. adventure-ready luggage

Who doesn't love the idea of seeing the world with their partner? For many new couples, it's the ultimate life goal.

Traditionally, newlyweds will go on a big honeymoon following their nuptials. It's a time to pack their bags, get away from it all, and enjoy each other's company in paradise. A good set of luggage is a must, so why not be the one to gift it?

There are many reasons why luggage is the perfect unforgettable gift.

First, it's something that the loving couple can use immediately after the wedding. While everyone else's present will likely stay in storage, yours will be something the newlyweds can put to good use right off the bat.

Gift luggage that's big enough to accommodate the length of their honeymoon, and it'll immediately get them pumped for the upcoming adventure. But that's not all.

Dependable luggage can get years of use. There are many well-made suitcases at Bed Bath & Beyond. From hard-shelled sets that hold weeks' worth of clothing to sophisticated leather totes, they can hold up well past the first big adventure.

Eventually, their luggage collection will take on a life of its own, reminding the couple to spend more leisure time together and live life with a bit of whimsy.

Plus, vacations don't always have to be extravagant journeys. Short getaways or even a weekend trip to a nearby destination are enough to create lasting memories. Be a part of those experiences by giving luggage that works for any holiday your friends can fit in. Instead of a large suitcase, you can stick to an elegant shoulder bag, a weekender duffel, or a compact carry-on.

Whatever you choose, that luggage accompanies the newlyweds on every trip they take. Your gift is there to hold every recollection, becoming a symbol of love and adventure.

luggage sets built to last

Bed Bath & Beyond has no shortage of great luggage options. You can buy separates and find individual pieces that cater to the couple's wanderlust. However, a matching set can cover all the couple's bases.

Most luggage sets come with two or three pieces, and some provide more. They might have a couple of larger check-in suitcases paired with a convenient carry-on for the essentials. Either way, you're giving the newlyweds plenty of options of how they want to travel.

Whether they prefer to bring everything or keep it light, a matching luggage set provides that flexibility. Even if they choose to take it all, the matching style makes everything easier to spot and manage.

Invest in the very best and find durable luggage sets built to last. Provide the gift of safety and protection with hard-side spinners. The wheels make navigating airports and train terminals a breeze.

Alternatively, you can go classic with soft-side suitcases that expand with the addition of souvenirs. You'll even see nesting sets that save space when it's time to come home.

Since there are so many styles and colors available, you may have trouble making a selection. Choosing a style/color can be as simple as finding one that matches the couple's personality.

don't forget about the extras

Want to go the extra mile? Throw in a few accessories to give your couple everything they need to go on their next adventure.

It's not just the luggage they need. Traveling requires tons of organization and even more convenience.

Throw in some extra travel accessories like toiletry bags, packing cubes, and fanny packs. You can even add comfort items like travel pillows, eye masks, and earplugs — whatever it takes to keep the newlyweds happy and comfortable as they make their way to their destination!

2. frames and pictures showcase life's beautiful moments

One of the most wonderful things about starting a life with someone you love is the chance to log a lifetime of memories. These days, with smartphone cameras, printed photos are becoming an afterthought.

Photo frames and albums make fantastic newlywed gifts because it gives your friends the chance to print out photos, preserve memories, and put them on display for all to see.

There's no better decor than photos of the happy couple, and it’s the perfect thing to infuse personality into a home.

Bed Bath & Beyond has plenty of gift-worthy photo displays. You can go simple with sets in a range of sizes. Gifting several wall frames in one package makes it easy for the couple to create a trendy gallery wall. Mix and match sizes and provide the opportunity to put those pricey wedding photos to good use.

Alternatively, you can try pre-made collages, gallery kits, modern print displays, or tabletop frames. Whatever the case may be, frames are a functional gift that can remain in the couple's home for decades to come.

going digital

If you want to keep things simple, digital frames are an excellent route to go, too. While not as in-your-face as massive gallery wall kits, digital frames have one significant advantage: convenience.

With so many people relying on digital files as it is, these frames make swapping out photos and updating displays a breeze. Plus, they create an ever-changing collection of photos. The couple can add new images as the years go by, building a slideshow of memories they can look back on fondly.

getting started

Want to ensure that the newlyweds put your gift to use? Fill the frames and start their display for them!

Pick up a display-ready collage and fill it with photos they'll love. You can even fill up a memory card and pop it into a digital frame to make it immediately ready for use. If possible, find images taken by you or someone else they know and like. Pictures that the couple doesn't already have will garner the most attention and appreciation.

They'll love your gift the moment they unwrap it, and it'll likely earn a spot on their wall as soon as it gets home!

3. furniture that turns a house into a home

Once the wedding and honeymoon are over, and the newlyweds return to their everyday lives, the first challenge they'll face is creating a home to share. That's where you come in.

Instead of providing dinnerware or kitchen appliances, why not give the gift of furniture? That might sound a little over the top, but it's one of the most unforgettable wedding gifts you can provide. Why? It gives the couple a chance to build a home that's truly theirs.

Furniture is a functional gift that the newlyweds will use every day. Thanks to the many options at Bed Bath & Beyond, finding something the happy couple needs isn't hard.

Stick with the staple pieces and leave the accessorizing up to the couple. You can also give something unique your friends never realized they wanted, such as a bar cart or buffet console. Bed Bath & Beyond has it all.

Providing furniture bridges style gaps and bring two homes together. You might not realize the significance right away, but furniture is a gift that can turn a static space into a loving home that perfectly represents the couple. Not only that, but it's something that sticks around for decades.

merging two styles

Gifting furniture isn't easy. You have two distinct styles to work with and finding that happy medium can be daunting. But that's the beauty of marriage.

When selecting furniture from Bed Bath & Beyond, find items that encapsulate the personalities of both people. The goal is to find something both will love.

If possible, check out their separate styles and see what they like. Learn more about their favorite colors and finishes. Focus on the similarities and highlight what makes this couple click.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Maybe try mid-century modern pieces or contemporary farmhouse style. There's a lot to discover, and the mixing of aesthetics can help you find trendy furniture that fits the couple to a tee.

focus on rooms that matter

Don't worry: You don't have to fill the couple's entire home with new furniture. A single piece is more than enough. But what type of furniture should you choose?

Essential furniture pieces are the ones that serve as the foundation of family memories. We're talking about items that people use every day and the pieces that anchor a room.

You can gift a sofa that acts as the perfect backdrop for movie nights in their living room. Alternatively, you can provide a dining set for a growing family's daily meals or a kitchen island for whipping up new dishes. These furniture items serve the most purpose.

The key to giving a gift that the couple will cherish for a lifetime is choosing furniture that they can use to create loving memories.

4. smart gadgets to build a connected home

Weddings are the epitome of tradition. But that doesn't mean you have to provide an old-school gift.

Some of the most extraordinary gifts for newly married couples harness technology to make life easier. We've already talked about the importance of turning a house into a shared home. But why not make that home a little more intelligent?

Smart home gadgets are all the rage, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down soon. A decade ago, intelligent homes seemed like a far-fetched image of science fiction bliss. But today, that reality is super accessible.

These gadgets can do a lot to make the newlyweds' life much easier. They can make homes safer, more comfortable, and better connected.

The sky's the limit, and technology is getting better and better with every passing year. At Bed Bath & Beyond, there are plenty of smart home devices to bring your newlyweds into the 21st century!

smart assistants

Smart assistants are an excellent place to start. They act as the hub of most systems and serve as the command center for other accessories.

See if your couple already uses one. Because many smartphones and tablets have assistants built in, they might already be part of one of the "Big Three" ecosystems. Figure out what that is to find products that are compatible and easy to implement.

The cool thing about high-tech assistants is that they come in many different forms. Is your couple a fan of music? Try giving them a connected speaker. Speakers can let the pair jam out in marital bliss. Plus, they can provide an easy way to make shopping lists, control other intelligent features, and more.

If the newlyweds have plenty of experience with this technology, you can gift an intelligent hub with a built-in screen. Either way, these gifts are always a hit.

cameras and security

Security technology can do a lot to make a home feel warm and safe.

Gone are the days of traditional security systems. Now, homeowners can keep tabs on their domain from anywhere. Thanks to wireless cameras and streaming technology, securing a home has never been easier.

You have plenty of camera options available. Buy complete multi-camera sets the couple can use to cover the entire perimeter of the house. Doorbell cameras and motion-activated units are available, too. You can even gift indoor cameras that double as baby monitors and recordable memory capturers.

convenience and function

If you want to go way outside the box, you can be an early investor in some truly innovative technology. Smart homes are about more than security. Many gadgets offer a world of convenient and state-of-the-art functionality.

For example, you can gift an intelligent thermostat. The devices help automate temperature to save electricity and keep things cozy. Alternatively, there are robotic vacuums and cleaners. They take the hassle out of keeping homes spotless.

Those are just a few examples of what's possible. No matter what smart tech you get, it's sure to make a splash and become a part of the couple's everyday life.

5. at-home spa goods for keeping romance alive

Who doesn't love a chance to pamper themselves? The world is chaotic enough. A few minutes of peace can help partners unwind and get closer than ever before.

Spa gifts are the perfect way to create a relaxing space at home. They can set the stage for ongoing romance and remind the couple to keep the love alive despite life's stresses.

There are limitless possibilities when designing the perfect spa gift.

Include items for indulging in the senses, like aromatic lotions and potions. Then, provide goods that relieve tension from the daily grind. For example, you can toss in a feature-rich foot bath or a cramp-busting massager.

Gifts that create a spa experience at home never fail to please!

lavish bath linens

The most accessible spa-related present you can provide is luxurious linens. We're talking about plush towels, elegant robes, and other lavish soft surfaces. Bed Bath & Beyond has plenty of bathroom towels and linens that embody relaxation.

As a gift, go for opulent bathroom sets. Higher thread counts, premium materials, and beautiful designs will set your wedding present apart from their everyday linens.

Throw some cozy slippers, plush bathmats, and spa headbands, and the couple is ready to melt the stress away.

innovative spa gadgets

Once again, technology saves the day. Spa gadgets are unique. They're not super connected and don't serve many purposes outside of relaxation. But that single-purpose design can push the couple to use them and create those memorable spa experiences.

Try gifting gadgets like bathtub bubble makers, noise machines, or massagers. Mood-setting gadgets like scent diffusers, steamers, and even colorful lights are available, too.

For quick relaxation sessions, you can gift gadgets they can use at home, work, or even on the go! Good examples include massaging shoulder wraps, heated blankets, and more.

6. personalized products to record history

Our last gift idea is the definition of one-of-a-kind. There's nothing better than opening a personalized gift. It instantly brings a smile to anyone's face and immediately becomes a priceless keepsake.

After the wedding, your couple will likely have a treasure trove of small trinkets to remember the big day. But most of those things will stay locked up in storage.

Personalized newlywed gifts are items your couple can display immediately out of the box. They're tokens of their special day and a reminder of their undying love for one another. Because they are custom-made, there's a good chance that your newlyweds will hold onto your gift for as long as they can.

functional gifts to entertain

You can't go wrong with a personalized gift, but there are many great choices at Bed Bad & Beyond. Some of the best are those that serve a specific function. Every time the couple uses the item will be a small reminder of you and the wedding.

Try giving gifts that focus on entertainment. For example, you can customize a cocktail set that the newlyweds use whenever they celebrate a big moment. Or, you can give a kitchen item adorned with their initials. That way, they can enjoy the gift every time they cook together.

custom pieces to decorate the home

Personalized home goods never fail to please. There's something special about splashing names, initials, and wedding photos at every turn.

You can buy custom artwork, yard decorations, and more. There's also the option to personalize linens like towels, robes, and other items the couple uses regularly.

If you want to provide a functional present that helps the couple make memories, consider getting them a custom blanket or throw pillows. The newlyweds can wrap themselves up in custom-made elegance as they enjoy each other's company and share the love.

Finding memorable newlywed gifts doesn't have to be a complicated process. Put yourself in the couple's shoes and think about the meaning of marriage. It's the start of a lifelong union and a journey full of magic and love.

The best presents are the ones that play a part in the couple's grand adventure. Whether it's luggage that encourages them to have new experiences together or custom artwork that symbolizes the beauty of their relationship, these gifts are ones that newlyweds can hold dear well into their future.