Do One Thing

Always Have Your Toiletries Ready to Jet

Going to the airport is stressful enough. Do you really need the added annoyance of trying to read the fine print on your face wash to make sure it’s under three ounces the night before you leave? Enter this simple, life-changing tip: Always keep your travel bag of toiletries packed and stashed in your carry-on.

Now, there are two routes you can go here:1) investing in travel-size versions of your holy-grail products or 2) getting small, TSA-approved bottles and decanting the goods. Either way, one rule holds true: You are absolutely not allowed to pillage this bag during your regular, non-traveling life. Just replenish your regular face wash and pretend that travel version doesn’t exist—tropical-vacation you will be so, so glad not to have to use bar soap to wash the sunscreen off your mug.

And, hey, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed by this task, check out Pack Simply, an extremely smart company that not only sells travel versions of tons of your favorite products but also will assemble an airport-security-ready bag and ship it to your home (or even your destination). And don’t let an outta-town adventure interrupt your routine, either. For inspiration on that front, look to the Korean-beauty expert Charlotte Cho, the founder of Soko Glam, who keeps up her a 10-step routine on the road. Surely that means you can pack, play, and stop making excuses for forgetting your SPF.

Pack ‘Em In