Quick on the Draw

Artist Amber Vittoria’s Never Liked Coloring Inside the Lines

A quick glance at the NYC artist Amber Vittoria’s vivid, shapely figures, and you’ll be an instant fan—just like The New York Times and Adidas, brands that she counts among her clients. Watch below to see her break down how she kind of, sort of knew her artistic style from the very first time she picked up a coloring book.

All the Other Great Stuff Amber’s Up To:

  1. For a very satisfying wash of color in your feed, follow Amber’s vibrant, endlessly smart Instagram account.
  2. Like Amber’s work so much you want to cuddle up under it? There’s a limited-edition throw blanket for that.
  3. You can also wear her art over your heart, thanks to this printed turtleneck.
  4. If you’re in NYC, swing by Tictail to check out Amber’s enormous, excellent wall mural!
  5. Another option: Get your own Amber original to brighten up your bedroom.