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Bright Lighting Fixes for All Kinds of Spaces

Expert home renovator Becki Owens is back with even more brilliant tips for solving a super common problem for renters and homeowners alike: how to fix a less-than-ideal lighting situation, whether it’s caused by small windows or aggressive fixtures. Keep reading to find out how to shine on.


Q. How do you tackle annoying lighting issues, like an apartment with little natural light or a home that comes with very bright built-in overhead lighting?

A. “If there are any shutters, I like to remove them from the windows. That immediately lets in the most natural light possible. For window coverings in poorly lit areas, make sure to hang your drapery at the edge of the frame by extending your rod 10 to 12 inches past the windows on either side. This will make your windows appear bigger and improve the flow of natural light in your home.”


“Replace bright overhead lighting with a couple overhead statement pendants above central areas, like a kitchen island, or add pretty flush mount lighting in a living area or bedroom. For additional light in a space, I love to use table lamps—they add character.”

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