D.I.Y. Not?

Make Your Own Breezy Macramé Plant Hanger

Plants are the new pets—or at least the new musts of any personal-space improvement plan. Either way, they’re everywhere, and there are as many ways to pot and display them as there are orchid varieties (i.e., loads). The best might just be suspended from a woven rope net, one made using a modern take on the seventies-happy macramé method, and all you need is a spare hour and a few basic supplies. Have we planted the seed of this idea yet?

What you’ll need:


  • Sharp scissors
  • A 50-yard roll of 32 ply/3 mm cotton macramé cord
  • One 2-inch diameter wood ring
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Large wooden beads (optional)
  • Your favorite potted plant

1. In this case, the easiest bit comes first (but the rest isn’t that hard, promise). Measure and cut four pieces of cord that are each nine feet long and a fifth one that’s 16 inches long.

2. Time to tie! Thread all four pieces through your wood ring halfway, folding the ends down so they meet like strands of spaghetti.

3. Gather all of the cord at the base of the ring. Make a V shape with the small, 16-inch piece of cord, pulling it uneven so one side is a short, a couple of inches at most, and the other side is longer, almost like a checkmark. Position the short end flat along the cords below the ring, and then begin to wrap the longer side around the gathered bunch of cord, including the tail end of your V (which will now become a part of the cord bunch). Stop wrapping when you have a small loop left at the base of your V, thread the last wrap through that loop, and pull on both loose ends to secure. Trim if needed.

4. Lay the beginnings of your plant hanger flat and group the cords into twos, pairing each with its adjacent cord (everyone needs a buddy!).

5. If you’re adding decorative wooden beads like we did, thread them onto each cord pair now.

7. Group the cords in twos again, but this time pairing each cord with its neighbor on the opposite side. Measure down six inches and knot, saving the two outside pieces for last. Once you tie those two together, you’ll have a bit of a loose tube shape.

8. Gather all eight cord strands and knot everything together four inches below your last knot. Trim the dangling cords to your desired length.

9. Place your pot inside, hang the whole thing up, and immediately become an even prouder plant parent.