D.I.Y. Not?

Let’s Make Pom-Pom Baskets to Hold All the Things

Know what baskets are good at storing? Magazines, extra towels, wrapping supplies, dry-cleaning that you swear you’re going to drop off this week. Know what makes them feel more fun? Pom-poms, clearly. And you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make this pairing magic happen. Behold.

What you’ll need:


  • Basket
  • Scissors (sharp ones are ideal)
  • Yarn (in a few different colors)
  • A piece of corrugated cardboard
  • Scotch tape

How you’ll get it done:


1. First, you’re going to create your pom-pom maker, a tool that will help you churn out those balls of fluff like a pro crafter. This is super-simple—we promise. All you have to do is cut a rectangular center out of a rectangular piece of corrugated cardboard, creating a nice frame shape. Note: The size of the shorter, outer edge of your rectangle will denote the diameter of your pom-pom—the bigger the rectangle, the bigger the pom. We used a 3 ½ inch x 4 inch piece of cardboard.

2. Begin wrapping yarn around the shorter width of your cardboard tool. Try to keep your wrapping centered in the middle of the tool, and then: wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap. (We wrapped ours 85 times. The more you wrap, the fuller your pom-pom will be—the thickness of your yarn contributes to this, too.) When you’re done wrapping your yarn, cut off from your skein and set it aside.

3. From that skein you set aside, cut an 18-inch-long piece of yarn. You’ll use this to secure your pom-pom and, later, affix it to your basket.

4. String the piece of yarn that you just cut through the open area in the middle of your frame, and tie it (very tightly!) perpendicularly around the yarn you’ve been wrapping on your tool, centering it the best you can. Double knot your tie because this is serious stuff.

5. Cut the wrapped yarn on either side of the outer edge of your frame. This is where using sharp scissors will come in handy. The first side might be a little tough to get through, but keep going—you can do it! The second side should be easier.


6.  Looks like a pom-pom, right? But it might need a haircut. Give your pom a little trim to create a uniform shape—snipping off any unruly or longer pieces. Just be sure NOT to trim the long piece that you tied in the center of your pom-pom.

7.  Keep creating pom-poms ‘til you have as many as you want to affix to your basket (or tie on your dog or wrap around your wrist—you do you).


8. Locate the long pieces of yarn that you used to tie off your pom-poms. Wrap the ends of those two in a little bit of Scotch tape (kind of like the end of a shoe lace); this will make the next step waaay easier.

9. Now, thread those taped yarn ends through an open weave in the desired area on your basket. Tie and knot them loosely inside the basket out of view—this will give you a chance to reassess and do some rearranging if you change your mind about pom positioning. Once you’re happy with the placement of all of your pom-poms, tighten and double knot your ties and trim the excess yarn on that inner tie. Stand back and admire your (very cheery) hard work, and then introduce something cluttering up your life to its jazzy new home.