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Unsubscribe From a Single Recurring Charge (You Got This)

Financial experts (and we are so not among them) seem divided on the impact quitting that cold-brew habit has on your bottom line, but, having aced fourth grade math, we can’t deny that tiny charges add up over time. Instead of giving up something you love—or rely on to get out of bed in the morning—for your budget’s sake, though, how about weeding out something that does less work for you from your monthly spending? Odds are, you’re being charged for subscriptions you don’t use or at least don’t use enough: If you connected to airplane wifi once, there’s a chance you’ve been charged every month since (yes, this happens).

You might know off the top of your head that you never canceled that Hulu trial that is definitely no longer free. If not? Download Trim. It scans your bank statements and hands over a list of your recurring charges. Then you tell it which ones you want to cancel, and the crew over there takes care of the whole thing. Feeling industrious? Log on to PayPal, where you may have agreed to repeat payments without realizing it. You can cancel those in 30 seconds flat. While you’re at it, do the same on your Apple account. Look at you go! You probably deserve a fancy coffee of some sort.