Founded in 1984, Texas?based Fortune Products, Inc. has grown to become an international distributor of knife and tool sharpeners; the business markets a wide range of innovative, cutting edge sharpeners under the AccuSharp? brand. The award?winning product line is designed to help you Keep Your Edge? and includes knives, knife sharpeners and cutlery related products. Items of note include easy to use handheld manual knife and tool sharpeners; whetstones and knife sharpening kits; scissor sharpeners; pocket stones; folding sport knives; sharpening steels; diamond rod sharpeners; portable pocket knife sharpeners; sharpening rods; butcher steels; tool sharpeners; cutlery sharpeners; kitchen tool sharpeners and more. With the right sharpener you can sharpen regular and serrated knives, cleavers, axes, machetes and many other cutting tools in minutes; keep your cutlery sharp with AccuSharp?.