Introduced in the United Kingdom in 1969 as a prescription treatment for issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, ibuprofen was first marketed in the United States as an over?the?counter remedy in Pfizer in 1984; today the popular remedy for the treatment of headaches, dental pain, migraine and menstrual pain has become a brand known for trusted pain relief, with remedies designed to offer sleep and pain relief, cold and allergy relief and children's relief. The OTC remedies include children's flavored liquid suspension fever relief, Liqui?Gels? fever and pain reliever, pain relief tablets, pain relief caplets, pain reliever/fever reducer tablets, nighttime sleep aid caplets, infants' concentrated fever drops, children's chewable pain reliever/fever reducer tablets, congestion relief tablets, coated pain relief caplets and more. Get fast acting relief with remedies that work in minutes to stop pain in its tracks.