AeroBed? air mattresses promise comfort, quality, convenience and rejuvenation; they offer a better night's sleep and are the most comfortable way to turn any space into a guest room. AeroBed? beds have been helping conscientious hosts and cramped apartment residents reclaim their space since 1992 when the company began with a patent on an innovative way to quickly inflate and deflate air mattresses. With an AeroBed? air mattress anyone can enjoy a comfortable, adjustable extra bed, when and where you need it. The innovations never stop at AeroBed?. Each innovation features improvements designed to let you enjoy hassle?free airbed technology for the way you live. AeroBed? offers air mattresses specifically designed for kids, a lightweight, low?profile outdoor airbed designed for campers, super?comfortable pillowtop inflatable beds, an inflatable bed with a built?in headboard and more. AeroBed? innovates in the air mattress space.