Founded in 1956, Tefal? is a French cookware manufacturer known for non?stick cookware; the company name is derived from the words "Teflon" and "aluminum" and in the United States the goods are marketed as "ideas you can't live without" under the T?Fal? brand. For the professional baker, home cook or the occasional treat maker, the company's innovative AirBake? bakeware is perfect for baking; the baking products are crafted with heavyweight aluminum sheets that surround a layer of air. The air reduces the temperature of the metal that comes in contact with the food which ensures that the food is heated evenly. Cakes bake more evenly and don't dome in the center, cookies don't burn and baked goods are moister. The natural insulated baking sheets use Micro?Dome technology to decrease baking times by up to 15% over traditional insulated bakeware. The product line includes insulated baking sheets, cookie sheets, pizza pans, cake pans, jelly roll pans and more.