Animal Planet

Created by Discovery Communications in cooperation with the British Broadcasting Company, the television channel Animal Planet? was launched in 1996; the focus is on educationally based shows with the slogan ?Surprisingly Human?. The focus is on pets and domesticated animals; the brand is licensed to Jakks Pacific to market pet products. The product line includes wooden pet stairs designed to allow your pet to join you on the bed or couch; travel pet beds; cat towers, cat trees and cat scratching posts. In addition to pet products the company offers a range of animal-theme harness backpacks; the plush critters feature an adjustable walking harness designed to ensure your little one is close to you at all times. Ideal for use in airports, parks, malls, theme parks, grocery stores, zoos or anywhere you travel, the children?s backpacks are shaped like giraffes, elephants, bears and other animals. Additional products include plush animal baby neck supports and neck support pillows.