Ann Clark

Founded in 1990, Vermont-based Ann Clark, Ltd. started out with a woman, a pig-shaped Christmas ornament and a dream; after years of crafting, Ann Clark set out to create a real business by making cookie cutters in her garage. In 1991 she took her show on the road to a wholesale gift show and wrote enough orders to know she was on the right track; today the family owned and operated company is the largest cookie cutter company in the industry, making handcrafted cookie cutters and associated giftware in America. Each original cookie cutter design comes about after Ann creates a series of cutter sketches that culminate in a final hand-drawn ?blueprint?; this blueprint is then turned into a hand-bent prototype for each new cutter. The product line includes holiday cookie cutters, state cookie cutters, tin-plated steel cookie cutters, specialty cookie cutters and more. The cookie cutters work with cookie dough, clay and sandwiches.