Anti Monkey Butt

Founded in 2003 by a health care professional and heavy equipment operator/construction worker who are both dedicated dirt bike riders and racers, Anti Monkey Butt? came to be because no other product on the market worked to prevent ?monkey butt?. Seeking relief from the soreness, itching and redness caused by the friction of clothing against skin, the duo developed a friction fighting, sweat absorbing, high performance body powder with calamine; designed for people who work and play hard, the product met their expectations for comfort and relief of soreness. Today the product line has expanded to include diaper rash powder with calamine, designed to absorb moisture, keep baby dry and minimize diaper rash friction and discomfort. Ideally suited for use with training pants, the calamine is an anti-itch and anti-chafing ingredient that soothes irritated skin. Reduce chafe and irritation with baby diaper rash cream.