Aquis? is the original microfiber towel ? founder Britta Cox embraced the technical advantages of microfiber in 1990 and set out to create a new kind of towel. By partnering with the world's leading microfiber experts in Japan, Cox was able to create the first luxury microfiber towel in the world ? these innovative towels offer a level of quality and luxury, typically found only in the world's finest spas. Experience Aquitex? microfiber technology ? Aquis? toweling combines superior wicking capability with a soft, gentle, and luxurious feel ? the result is hair that dries quickly so you save time while enjoying softer, healthier hair. The range of products includes ultra?absorbent hair turbans and towels designed specifically for drying both short and long hair. Minimize blow?drying time and save your hair from exposure to heat damage by reducing dry time with a high?performance microfiber towel.