ARB Teak & Specialties

Canada-based ARB Teak & Specialties is a premier manufacturer of luxury teak products; the company specializes in home furnishings designed to enhance the beauty of your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The teak products are made from responsibly harvested grade ?A? teak that is dried to perfection and beautifully finished; each piece is crafted with the finest quality stainless steel and solid brass hardware to ensure there is no rust. The product line includes a wide range of water resistant and mildew resistant teak wood shower mats designed for use in the shower, sauna or steam room; teak hot tub steps made to withstand a constant flow of water; mold resistant teak corner shower benches; water resistant standard teak shower benches; teak garden furniture; teak patio furniture; teak spa products; teak bath products; teak hot tub products; teak outdoor shower products; teak beach house products; teak lake house products; teak sauna products and more.