Art & Cook

Founded in 2005, New York-based Art and Cook is both a book and a business; the 2004 cookbook titled Art and Cook: Love Food, Live Design and Dream Art by Allen Ben inspired a cooking revolution and a new way of looking at cooking tools. The company turned its attention to revolutionizing the mechanics of cooking by committing to creating tools that heighten efficiency along with enhancing the visual and tactile gratification of the cooking experience. Today the brand encompasses a range of cutlery designed from the ground up to offer greater comfort and control along with elegance and durability. The product line includes dishwasher safe high carbon stainless steel jumbo wooden steak knives with triple riveted walnut handles suited for chicken, steak, turkey and more; razor sharp high carbon contour handle steel knives; paring knives; chef?s knives; cook?s knives and more. Art and Cook is a marriage: of function to form, style to quality and innovation to inspiration.