Kansas-based B.F. Ascher Co., Inc. began over 60 years ago with a focus on manufacturing prescription pharmaceuticals; in the 1970s the company decided to offer over-the-counter products direct to consumers. Today the privately-held business offers a range of sinus, allergy, cough and cold relief products along with the AYR? Saline portfolio of products, the best-selling brand of saline products available. Moisturize dry, stuffy noses with the saline gel with aloe; wash away mucus and allergens which can lead to nasal congestion with the saline nasal mist; deliver a consistent metered dose with the saline nasal gel no-drip nasal spray; use the allergy and sinus hypertonic saline nasal saline mist to help reduce swelling and moisture. The comprehensive range of non-medicated saline solutions soothe and moisturize dry and stuffy noses due to a variety of conditions; designed to help you breathe better, the long lasting, gluten-free products offer protection and relief.