Baby Deedee

baby deedee? was founded by a mom with a challenge ? how to get her little one to sleep. Since she and her husband slept well under a comfy duvet, she felt the same might work for her baby but there was nothing on the market that matched her vision of a soft, cocoon?like sleeping nest. She set out to create a solution ? the best sleep sack ever ? a quilted duvet sleeping bag. Thus the baby deedee? line was born. Known as baby sleep sacks, baby sleeping bags or wearable blankets, the all?in?one duvet blanket is a cocoon?like shape that is easy to put on and take off and eliminates the need for a top sheet; your baby stays warm and the blanket isn't kicked off. The versatile baby sleep solutions feature a unique shoulder strap design that makes it easy to take your baby in and out of the sleep nest, even during sleep, in just two easy snaps. The line includes the original sleep nest and 100 % cotton sleep nests lite designed for warmer weather.