Relieve back pain and make life more comfortable with BackJoy? ? their belief: change your posture, change your life. Founded in 2005 in Boulder, Colorado, the BackJoy? mission is simple ? to change the way the world sits, stands and sleeps. It began with a road trip ? a father and son drove east for a week of golf and quality time but hours of sitting soon forced the dad to lie in the back seat for most of the drive because his back pain was so severe. His son focused on how to solve the problem; the result is a range of personal wellness solutions dedicated to make life more comfortable. Use the Seat Topper to sit anywhere while reducing back pain, discomfort and stresses; the Kneeler Knee Pad lets you focus on the task at hand instead of uncomfortable knee pain. Get the best night's sleep ever with the innovative Posture Sleep? Pillow which self?adjusts to support an optimal sleeping posture. Allow your body to work the way it was designed to with help from BackJoy?.