Balboa Baby

Balboa Baby? is the result of a partnership between a mother, her son and Dr. William Sears, best known as "Americas Pediatrician". The company is dedicated to creating fashionable and functional products designed to make life simpler for parents and better for your baby. The goal is to facilitate bonding and opportunities to experience life together; the product range allows you to cuddle your baby with style. Enjoy a legacy of design elegance as you choose from a variety of adjustable baby slings, shopping cart and high chair covers, stroller liners, car seat canopies, nursing pillows, nursing covers and bibs. The baby slings promote bonding and offer hands?free motion; the shopping cart, high chair and stroller covers provide a clean and secure environment for your baby. The nursing covers allow you to feel comfortable and confident while nursing your child anywhere plus it may be used as a stroller cover. Look to Balboa Baby? for stylish solutions that simplify parenting.