Founded in Italy in 1889, Ballarini began as a small shop crafting metal utensils. The family?owned company evolved over time and in the 1960s made the decision to focus solely on developing the non?stick cookware market. Today the majority of the cookware is sold throughout Italy, Germany and other European Union countries, with a select assortment sold in the United States. The Ballarini mission is the creation of value by means of a new culture of quality in the kitchen. When you invest in Ballarini non?stick cookware you can enjoy healthy cooking without the use of oils plus quick and easy cleanup. The product range includes non?stick sauce pans, Dutch ovens, stir fry pans, griddles, saut‚ pans, pasta pots, fry pans, steamer sets and open stock non?stick cookware. Innovations include the patented Thermapoint? Heat Indicator on the handle which changes color when the temperature of the pan changes so you can cook, touch or clean the pan safely.