Over 60 years ago bamix? of Switzerland created the world's first hand?held food processor which remains to this day the smallest food processor in the world with an impressively powerful motor. Since the item was made right at its inception in 1950 it has changed remarkably little over the ensuing years. The Swiss?made hand?held food processor or stick blender is more commonly known today as an immersion blender and bamix? makes the best in class. Use an immersion blender to mix, puree and blend a wide variety of foods, make soups, sauces and gravies and enhance your food preparation and cooking results. The line includes the 2?speed Mono immersion blender with a quiet yet powerful 150?watt AC motor, the Professional immersion blender with a 200?watt AC motor for maximum torque and a range of accessories such as optional blades, beakers and covers. A bamix? hand blender or immersion blender is a solid choice.