Barista Prima Coffeehouse™

Barista Prima Coffeehouse? captures that very moment when you sipped the perfect cup of coffee, perhaps amongst friends in your favorite local coffee shop in a small town ? the feeling of belonging, welcome, home and family are all captured in a K?Cup? line intended to convey the purpose and motivation for why people go to coffeehouses ? to enjoy something brewed expressly for you. The exclusive collection of bold, dark?roasted coffees reflects the refined tastes of traditional European coffee house brews. Enjoy the most?select, hand?picked Arabica beans from the world's premier coffee growing regions in a combination of European tradition and advanced brewing technology that only Keurig? single serve brewers can offer. The Keurig? compatible Barista Prima Coffeehouse? K-Cup? and Vue? line includes regular and decaffeinated Italian dark roasts, Columbia coffee, house blend, French roast, caf?ocha and more sophisticated blends designed for the discerning palate.