Bausch + Lomb

Founded in New York in 1853 by and optician and a financier, Bausch & Lomb is one of the world?s largest suppliers of eye health products including contact lenses, lens care products, eye care products and medicines. Today the company is headquartered in New Jersey and operates three divisions, with one focused specifically on vision care. See better and live better with vision care products such as Ocuvite? multi-vitamin tablets formulated with vital eye nutrients designed to support macular health; PreserVision? eye vitamin and mineral supplement tablets; Lutein vitamin supplements uniquely formulated to help replenish vital eye nutrients your eyes can lose as you age; adult 50+ softgel eye vitamins and mineral supplements; softgel Omega-3 dietary supplements designed to promote healthy tears; PreserVision? AREDS formula, the only antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplement proven effective in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) along with additional eye care solutions.