When you seek the ultimate turkey fryer only a Bayou Classic? will do ? thick, restaurant quality stock pots, propane burners and aluminum broilers are just the beginning because when you take outdoor cooking seriously and want the biggest and the best outdoor cooking equipment there is no other choice. Heavy duty riveted handles let you steam, boil, fry and homebrew massive quantities with confidence. Think big ? the product range includes heavy duty stainless steel bayou fryers, patio stoves, outdoor gas cookers, brew kettles, brazier pans, paella pans, boilers, stockpots with spigots for easy serving, fry pots with baskets and lids and host of other heavy gauge cooking equipment designed to withstand tailgate parties, fish fries, beer bashes,family reunions and more. Fry a whole turkey in as little as 45 minutes with a stainless steel fryer from Bayou Classic? and use less cooking oil in the process.