Bed of Nails

Carina Tannenberg, owner of Bed of Nails?, learned through personal experience how important meditation, relaxation and body energy is in terms of self-healing. The company believes in healthy living and wants to help you to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle amid the stresses of the modern day world. They create affordable, well-designed, sustainable products to help you enjoy the benefits of more expensive treatments such as acupuncture and massage in your own home and workplace. Similar to acupuncture, the pressure of rounded nails against the skin may help to relieve back pain and allow the user to feel more relaxed, refreshed and energized. Improve circulation, increase your energy level, reduce stress and anxiety and relieve tension and muscle aches with Bed of Nails?. The range of acupressure mats and pillows are inspired by ancient Indian healing tradition ? each features non-toxic plastic spikes which will not harm the skin and work similar to acupuncture.