Developed in France and brought to America in 1898, BENGAY? is an analgesic heat rub used to temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis, bruises, backaches, strains and sprains. The number 1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand is manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson. The active ingredient is methyl salicylate which may be used topically by adults and children ages 12 or older. Get topical pain relief from a variety of products including ultra strength menthol topical analgesic patches which offer deep, penetrating heat for sore hips, backs, necks and shoulders with no mess; the patches are available in two sizes to address neck to arm and back to hip. Additional products include ultra strength, non-greasy pain relieving cream and vanishing scent pain relieving gel. Get quick pain relief from the minor aches and pains of muscles and joints with BENGAY?.