Best Friends by Sheri

Bestever? creates innovative, high?quality stuffed animals and soft gifts for babies and kids. Remember how much you loved your favorite stuffed animal ? from snuggling to sharing secrets with your cuddly companion? Bestever? strives to create plush pals and Best Friend blankets your little one will love. The unique product line has been distributed in the United States since 1998 with the meaningful tag line "Gifts from the Heart". The corporate mission is not to be the biggest gift company but the best ever; therefore, each item is designed to make your little one feel special and loved. The high quality product range includes the best friend blanket ? a huggable plush pal and comfy blanket all?in?one and Hugga Pets a charming collection of oversized plush toys that transform into pillows. They are perfect for lounging or simply to snuggle with, a Bestever? product is destined to become your child's best friend.