Founded in 1945, Connecticut-based, family-owned Bigelow Tea Company was based on a recipe created by Ruth C. Bigelow for a tea she marketed as ?Constant Comment?; today the company markets over 50 varieties of tea, all of which are still blended in Fairfield, Connecticut. The third generation run company also owns America?s only tea plantation, in Charleston, South Carolina. Select tea blends are available in Keurig? K-Cups? packs for use in single serve brewing systems; brew what you love, just the way you love it and enjoy freshly brewed tea, one cup at a time, in under 60 seconds. The Bigelow? K-Cup? blends include a light and mellow Green Tea; Vanilla Chai, a black tea blend of sweet vanilla and exotic spices; Earl Grey tea, an aromatic bergamot oil blend with bold black leaves picked yearly from the same garden in Italy. Each K-Cup? is delivered with the tradition of Bigelow? quality.