UK-based Bisbell has been attracting attention as manufacturers and suppliers of magnetic products since 1971; their tagline, ?attraction by design?, is a cheeky allusion to their reputation as innovative marketers in the magnetic materials and knife storage category. Cutlery care and storage has a direct impact on how well your knives perform; magnetic knife storage solutions are hallmarks of the brand. The product line includes fun, colorful and functional magnetic knife racks, blade guards and knife storage pods designed for your most prized cutlery in style. The magnetic knife holders feature rare earth magnets that won?t diminish over time and an attractive, soft-touch rubberized material to secure and store cutlery; for heavier cutlery they offer super-strong magnetic knife racks with neodymium magnets. The magnetic blade guards and knife edge protectors help keep your knives sharper longer and reduce the chance of accidental cuts.