BOB Strollers

BOB? Strollers was born in 1994, when two guys in California teamed up to create a bike trailer called the "beast of burden". When both men became fathers ? they were immediately inspired to build a superior jogging stroller that could endure hiking or off?roading ? its moniker: the BOB Sport Utility Stroller. The kids grew and so did the business ? today BOB? Strollers is part of the Britax family of brands. By maintaining the same rugged spirit of independence and durable versatility, parents and children are allowed to enjoy the freedom that comes with exploring the natural world. The product range includes sturdy, lightweight strollers and a host of stroller accessories such as sun and weather shields, seat liners, snack trays and car seat adapters designed to make it easy to convert any of the strollers into a baby travel system. When you seek a sturdy stroller to use for you and your baby's everyday adventures, you can always count on BOB?.