The founders of boba? believe in freedom together ? so much so that they started their first company, while travelling the world with two small children in 2007 ? now that's an adventure. Their beliefs and research indicates that bonded babies thrive. There are countless benefits of babywearing and the product range includes thoughtfully crafted items for parents who want to be able to create a real and caring bond with their child, while being free to live life to the fullest. A front?facing baby wrap, or a versatile baby and child carrier, allows you to enjoy comfortable, hands?free closeness with your little one. The original baby wrap is the ideal carrier for babies from birth to about 18 months ? your warmth, voice, movement and heartbeat will calm and soothe your baby? the ultimate bonding experience. Bringing your bundle of joy along for the ride is better for both of you; a well?designed baby carrier gives you and your child just the right connection.