Boogie Wipes

Started in 2007, Little Busy Bodies, Inc. was created by two moms who wanted to help other moms solve basic everyday parenting problems such as how to deal with little ones who did not want to have their noses wiped. Chasing your child around with a tissue is not the answer ? they felt there had to be an easier way. Their idea: put saline on a wipe to dissolve mucus ? from there Boogie Wipes? was born. For quick, effective clean?up and relief of stuck on mucus caused by common colds and allergies, the gentle saline wipes are ideal for stuffy noses. Regular use of the wipes can help to prevent dry, chapped noses. The product range includes canisters and travel packs of the saline wipes, available in scented and unscented versions. Recommended by pediatricians, the saline wipes are a gentle, effective alternative to a dry tissue. Developed by moms who were tired of chasing runny noses, the saline wipes cleans and moisturizes your little one's runny nose.